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  • Easter is an important religious festival-a day Christians celebrate to commemorate the rebirth of Jesus Christ. It is also the culmination of the entire year’s worship and prayers and 40 days of fasting by the Christian brethren followed by celebration and jubilation. Culturally, it signifies a lot more. Especially in ethnically and religiously diverse countries such as Pakistan. It is a celebration full of color and life. Not to mention colorful eggs and adorable bunnies, which are taken as symbols of new life itself. A typical Easter celebration starts with church service in the morning. The festivities then continue through the day as people meet their relatives and celebrate.

International Christian Posts

  • VATICAN CITY – Pope Francis used strong language on Easter Sunday to call for peace in parts of the world torn by war and conflict, including Syria, the Israel-Gaza border and countries in Africa. Amid heavy security, tens of thousands gathered in St. Peter's Square to celebrate Mass and to hear the pope's "Urbi et Orbi" message ("to the city and the world").Francis, 81, who two weeks ago celebrated his fifth anniversary as pope, used his homily to lament Friday's deaths of 15 Palestinians in Gaza, where he said the violence is causing “wounds of conflict that do not spare the defenseless.He also called for an end to Syria's civil war and urged the warring parties to allow humanitarian aid to be delivered there. And he urged an end to the violence in South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.This Easter, may the light of the risen Christ illuminate the consciences of all political and military leaders so a swift end can be brought to the carnage,” Francis said.

International General Posts

  • Pope Francis once said that Christians must have "cheerful faces and eyes full of joy". But there was little evidence of those emotions as Donald Trump descended on the Vatican on Wednesday for his first face-to-face meeting with the Argentinian pontiff. The encounter was ultimately considered a success following a rocky start to the pair's relationship last year, when Francis questioned Trump's Christian credentials. But despite a warm trading of gifts and humorous exchange between Pope Francis and the first lady, Melania Trump – in which the pope asked if she fed him a popular kind of Slovenian cake – the meeting was noteworthy for its sombre tone at the start.

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