Christian leader calls for implementation of minorities' quota

Calls for implementation of 5% jobs quota reserved for the religious minorities in the country. Chaudhry Mushtaq Gill, a Christian leader has called upon the government to make sure that the religious minorities get benefited by the jobs quota reserved for Non-Muslims. Chaudhry Mushtaq Gill, member of the Minorities' Advisory Council for the Government of Punjab has urged for the immediate implementation of the 5% jobs quota for the religious minorities in the country. In his statement, Chaudhry Mushtaq asserted that former Chief Justice of Pakistan Tasaduq Hussain Jillani had directed the government in its ruling that minorities' quota should be implemented and that non-Muslim Pakistanis should be provided jobs under the 5% jobs quota. He further said that the then Chief Justice had explicitly directed that the non-Muslim Pakistanis must be accommodated in the educational institutes under the same quota system. "Unfortunately, this ruling has been overlooked." Chaudhry Mushtaq Gill urged the Chief Minister of Punjab to direct the administration of the Sargodha University to take in non-Muslim students under the 5% quota reserved for the non-Muslim students. He said that on June 19, 2016 the then Chief Justice of Pakistan had ruled that non-Muslim students should be quartered in the educational institutes in compliance with the 5% quota.

Christian representative declared returned candidate on the minorities' seat in Balochistan Assembly

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has declared Anita Irfan as a returned candidate on a seat reserved for religious minorities in the Balochistan Assembly. For this reason, a notification was issued by the Election Commission. Anita Irfan hails from Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz. Anita Irfan comes from Christian community of Balochistan and has been named in place of MPA Santosh Kumar who was declared defected. She was named on the seat left vacant by a Hindu lawmaker Santosh Kumar. She was also selected as the member of Balochistan Assembly on reserved seat in 2014. Following her nomination by the Election Commission for Pakistan; the Chief Minister of Balochistan Nawab San ullah Khan Zohri extended felicitations towards her. He said that he prays that MPA Anita will endeavor along the lines of her party's manifesto in order to serve the people in the province. He said that he is hopeful for her successful tenure.

Pakistan Christian Congress felicitate Donald J. Trump for election victory

Pakistan Christian Congress felicitates the President elect Donald J. Trump on the election victory. PCC leaders have called upon Donald Trump to stand for the rights of religious minorities in the countries where they are suffering. PCC leaders expressed hope that the newly elected President of the United States of America will work for the down trodden and victims of the violence and human rights abuses. In this regard, Dr. Nazir S Bhatti – President of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC, Bishop FS Bhatti-Vice President of Pakistan Christian Congress, Daud Sharif Sohtra-President of Pakistan Christian Congress Punjab, Raymond Wallace Durrani – President of Pakistan Christian Congress Canadian Chapter, Professor Majid Zia Gill – President of Pakistan Christian Congress South East Asian countries Chapter, Pervez Iqbal – President of Pakistan Christian Congress Holland Chapter extended greetings for Donald Trump on Presidential elections victory. At the same time, these leaders also expressed hopes that the new US administration and President Donald Trump will not overlook the plight of the Pakistani Christians and will come up with efficacious ways to protect rights of Pakistani Christians by engaging Pakistan government in diplomatic dialogue in this regard.

Peshawar: Christians exasperated over blasphemous posts on social media

Christians in Peshawar rant and rave over a blasphemous post on social media. The agitated protestors heaped condemnation urging for an action against responsible elements. They said that such posts not only hurt the religious sentiments of a particular section of society but also sows discord and taints social harmony. For this reason, the local Christian community held a protest outside the Peshawar Press Club on Monday, November 7. The protesters said that such acts are highly condemnable, and called upon the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take notice of the act and bring the perpetrators to justice. At this occasion, Bishop Humphrey Peter from Diocese of Peshawar said that Pakistani Christians are repeatedly involved in the efforts to uphold and propagate interfaith harmony. During his address, he said that Christians have been always promoting peace and tolerance in the society nonetheless, such posts are hurting the sentiments of Christians. Furthermore, Bishop Humphrey Peter appealed to the Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif to take action against such elements and bring them to justice by handing them stern punishment under article 295-C of FIA cybercrime Act.

Young Christian leader calls for revocation of blasphemy laws

A young Pakistan Christian leader, Shalokh Irfan has urged for revocation of blasphemy laws which are being used to target minorities specially Christians. While remaking in this regard, he said that religious minorities living in the country are not safe – "rather in every age, the churches of the Christians and even their colonies have been smashed by burning. Due to the reason the minorities are always in the state of threat, harassment and insecurity." Shalokh further put his perspective forward and said that all the laws entertaining discrimination against the religious minorities must be done away with; He demanded that non-Muslim Pakistanis should be bestowed with equal rights. "We demand from government that all discriminatory laws against Christians including blasphemy law should be curved and ended up instantly." He emphasized that all the minorities living in Pakistan are nationalistic and are playing an equal part in the progress of Pakistan. He added that minorities are facing increasingly disturbing intolerance and partiality – which hampers the prosperity of minorities. He whined that Christians are forced to live as second class citizens in their own homeland. He called upon the members of parliament to pay heed to the cries of minorities. He said that the leaders must focus on solving the issues of minorities. He said that all such laws that are being misused to target minorities must be dealt with.

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